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Once your shower doors and/or panels arrive, we'll call you. At that point you can either pick it up yourself (these sheets are heavy, you need two people to carry them), or you could use our delivery services to deliver them to your residence for ONLY $198.97 (+ HST) in the London, Ontario area (up to 120 lbs — or somewhat more if the total weight is more).

If you live anywhere else in Canada or the U.S.A., please email us for a shipping quote.

Actually it's surprisingly cheap to have our goods delivered basically anywhere in North America. Just recently we've had a customer from Edmonton, Alberta who ordered a 26" × 76" shower door with all accessories, and her delivery was only $136 from London, ON to Edmonton, AB (to the shipping depot). We have super-good accounts with some of the largest freight companies in North America. Please note that it's cheaper to deliver to a business with a loading dock. If you wish to have your goods delivered to your residence, there will be an additional $130-$180 charge as the freight company will have to switch your shipment onto a truck with a lift-gate at its back (extra time, fuel and man power). Please note that we are not allowed to deliver anything onto your driveway, only curbside, i.e. you will have to take everything from the street onto your driveway and into your house yourself.

If you can't use a business with a loading dock, your cheapest shipping solution will be to pick up your shipment at your local shipping depot — we can let you know its address in advance.

An example of how cost effective delivering our goods across the country is: A customer of ours just bought a 72" double-sink bathroom vanity with marble countertop and two framed mirrors, a shower door and a shower panel. Two skids had to be coupled together (click here to see the pictures) and the entire shipment was 400 lbs. It cost him only $217 to ship his heavy-weight freigh from London, ON to Fredericton, NB. (Mind you, he didn't mind paying this small shipping cost, as his bathroom vanity's normal retail price was near $8,000 and he paid less than $2,000 for it. Read his testimonial.)

Please be cautious while carrying tempered glass sheets as it can 'explode' if it 'knocks' a stone surface at the edges.   If you've ever heard an old tube-TV explode, that's about the type of sound that you will hear when your tempered glass sheet explodes.   Of course they are safe; Tempered glass sheets shatter into thousands of small oval pieces when they explode, there won't be many sharp pieces of glass... but it's still a lot of money to "waste."

Please note that if you decide to pick up your tempered glass sheets yourself, you will be asked to sign a 'delivery sheet' proving that you have taken possession of a clear glass sheet in good condition and it will now be your responsibility to take good care of it.

If we deliver it and when you receive it at your residence, we will ask you to sign the same proof (to check it for any 'flaws' and that you will take care of it from there onward). Again, Luxury will be pleased to meet you!

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