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Q: Why are your "in-stock" tempered glass doors and panels much cheaper than your "custom" glass pieces that have to be manufactured after you take our order?
A: One of our factories (the busiest one) is in China. We manufacture 8,000 tempered glass sheets at a time and we bring it all to the particular country where they are needed (a great amount of it comes to Canada). We pay our workers in China approximately 50 cents an hour. Our Canadian workers earn minimum $15 an hour. (Hopefully this answers the question.)

Q: Why don't you guys advertise anywhere?
A: This is a great question. If we had advertised in numerous different venues, the price of all those advertising would have to be compensated somehow, and then we could not sell you our products as affordably as we can right now. Also, we believe that word-of-mouth advertising is the absolute best advertising there is out there — it's not only free but it's also the most effective.

Q: Do your Showers & More Customers get a discount when they order more of the same in-stock glass products?
A: As we are the absolute Most Affordable Tempered Glass Supplier in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, The Caribbean and Hawaii, we are unable to provide any bulk discount. If we did it, we would be forced to go bankrupt. (Hope you understand, and thank you for your understanding.)

Q: How CAN you guys offer your high-quality products at prices so much lower than your competition?
A: We focus on selling more of the same thing and we sell in very large quantities. When you make just a little profit but you do it very frequently, you can survive. Just look at Walmart®. They practice business the same way (just in a much larger scale).
We are originally (and mainly) wholesalers. We don't have fancy showrooms where you'd be served coffee while you shop, no expensive lighting, no fancy marble floors or expensive paintings on the wall... in fact we don't even have our sales people in the warehouse or showroom. Cutting down on costs is one way to offer you huge savings.

Q: Are you planning to open more Showers & More locations across Canada?
A: Yes. Very soon we will open another Showers & More location in Calgary, Alberta. Following we will have another opening in Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa.

Q: Is financing available?
A: Yes. You can use your credit card and pay them any way you choose to.
We've recently partnered up with a Financing Corporation where we can apply for financing for you if you so desire. Let us know.

Q: How easy is it to assemble a Glass Shower Enclosure?
A: Hundreds of us, including Customers and staff, started off by watching assembly videos on YouTube. The first Glass Shower takes the longest, after that it will be much easier since you will be more familiar with the steps and the procedures. If we take it into consideration that a simple Glass Shower's assembly is approximately $2,000 if you hire your local glass shop, then it's truly worth it to spend some time and learn how it's done. Even if it will take someone 12 hours to complete one unit (as opposed to just 2 hours for the pros), it's still worth it, knowing that s/he will save a couple thousand dollars! Please note that whoever attempts to assemble a Glass Shower Enclosure, they should have some skills with the screw driver and drill as a bare minimum. It's also a good idea to know someone who has already assembled at least one Glass Shower Enclosure, so s/he can help if you run into any difficulty.

Q: What is the absolute largest tempered glass sheet that I can order?
A: The largest Tempered Glass sheet we can manufacture at this time is 7'×12' (84"×144").

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