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Customer is backing up to the loading dock of our warehouse with his van. Rob is assisting with the backup and signals for the van to stop. Customer gets out of the van and proceeds up the stairs onto the loading dock when Rob asks him: "Are you just moving to London?" Customer says: "No, why?" ...to which Rob answers: "Your license plate indicates "Indiana," so I thought you might live here or maybe you are moving here, or perhaps your job took you to London either temporarily or permanently, who knows..." Customer replies: "No, actually I live in Indiana." Rob is wondering: "Where exactly is Indiana? It's not a state that's on the news very often." Customer explains: "It's about an 8 hour drive from London, plus the wait at the border if it's busy." Rob was surprised at what distance this customer drove to get his Glass Shower Doors, so he asked: "WOW, is it worth for you to drive THAT much from Indiana to London, Ontario to buy some Glass Shower Doors?" The Customer calmly answers: "When I save over $2,000 buying 6 Glass Shower Doors here as opposed to any of my local stores in Indiana, you bet! It's truly worth it to come to Showers & More. It's like I am earning $100 an hour while driving! How can you ask for any better than that?!" [This Customer keeps coming from Columbus, Indiana to Showers & More in London, Ontario on a monthly basis, saving between $2,000 to $5,000 a month, that's an average of over $30,000 savings per year!]

A builder (who builds houses in the GTA - Greater Toronto Area) called for glass shower estimates for a total of five custom bathrooms in a custom-built house of his. We provided him with a detailed estimate... and it turned out to be less than half the price of what his least expensive estimate had been. He's been purchasing from Showers & More ever since.

An interior renovator in Montreal heard of Showers & More from a Customer of ours in Edmonton, so he called us to set up an appointment in our London warehouse since he simply couldn't believe that our prices were so low and our product quality was so high. He just wanted to "touch" our shower doors and he wanted to make sure they are perfectly straight and the hinge cuts were perfect. He drove to London on a Friday, and he was completely happy with his purchase, everything was fine with the tempered glass sheets and doors, he could hardly believe how come we are so inexpensive. He kept telling us how we should charge more because we sell the same quality products as the glass shops all over Quebec. Nevertheless, he was happy to pay the low wholesale prices... Due to being able to save a bunch by purchasing from us, he has since expanded his operations, and he is operating now with four crews in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and Sherbrooke.

A contractor from Hanwell, New Brunswick was renovating his own bathroom. He found us on Google, so he asked us if he could get a shower door and a bathroom vanity from us. He was worried if we could ship them to him without any damages on the way. He received his order in three business days, and when he opened his freight, he was truly taken aback how beautiful his 72" bathroom vanity was. He had been shopping around for bathroom vanities and he found that the ones he liked cost at east $5,000 or more. He stated to us that the kind we sent him was probably the most expensive bathroom vanity he has seen up to date, yet it only cost him $1,970. He did spread the good news about us in New Brunswick, so we now have several contractors and home builders in that province as well who keep buying from us. Contractors love the fact that they get 10% off when they purchase over $3,000 at once from our glass shower doors and panels or accessories. Builders who spend more than $5,000 at once on hardware and glass panels get an unbelievable 20% off our already lowest prices. Actually some of our Customers have mentioned to us that we now beat the prices of Costco and that's simply fantastic!

Showers & More up to date has customers from the following provinces and states: Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Alberta, British Columbia (BC), Washington, Oregon, California, Kentucky and Idaho.

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