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Hi Rob, I've just picked up my vanity and glass shower door [from my local shipping depot]. I got a bit of a scare, it looked like the forklift put a hole in the end of the vanity, but luckily you had placed some styrofoam in between the box and the vanity so the side that would have been exposed was protected. I looked everything over, and it appears everything was shipped undamaged. after having everything unwrapped, I must say that the vanity itself exceeded my expectations. I am looking so forward to having this in my bathroom, I appreciate everything you have done for me and I will highly recommend you to people in this area.
Thanks again

Keith in Fredericton, New Brunswick (November 11, 2013)

I was planning to remodel the basement bathroom in my house and was looking at shower options when I happened upon this website. I was skeptical at first as the prices seemed so low compared to the research I had completed from other shower glass suppliers. I was also a little worried about the delivery, and transport of the glass. I must say that both were no issue. I ordered my glass and it arrived approximately 10 days later. I used a full size van and picked up the glass at the London warehouse. With the assistance of a helper it was easy to move the glass around. The glass was top quality, and was from the same supplier as my other glass shower installation, however because I was doing my own installation it was much cheaper to purchase. Robert (the C.E.O.) was very helpful in assisting me with the measuring and making sure the order was right. I would not hesitate to recommend Showers & More to anyone who is contemplating a bathroom renovation.
Here are a few before the glass and after the glass photos of my finished bathroom.
Thanks very much Robert!
All the best...

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Rick in Strathroy, Ontario (June 9, 2014)

This was a do-it-yourself job. Replacing the old shower doors to the new tempered glass. Was simple and easy to install, and I am not a contractor by any means.
It turned out great and my wife is extremely pleased. She wanted the “rain” style glass.
I recommend Showers & More to everyone not only for the top quality of tempered glass, but also for the value we received as we saved at least 40% to 50% on the cost.
Thank You Showers & More for the excellent Quality and Service.

Don in Zurich, Ontario (March 9, 2015)

Transforming a 1970’s en suite into a modern, comfortable and inviting space was a journey for us. Our daughter, owner of LNR Renovations, took on the task with me as her assistant. When we came down to the final touch, choosing the glass panel and shower door, I turned to Showers & More as our supplier because, on their website, their products looked amazing, seemed affordable and customer reviews were very favourable. I was not sorry. Robert, the C.E.O, has been very helpful throuout the whole process and never hesitated to give patient advice, even though I asked many questions, called a few times and altered my order several times.
The product was packed exceptionally well and arrived in perfect condition. We installed the glass without any major hitches and, after a few minor adjustments to the hinges, the renovation was finally done!
I would like to thank Robert and his staff for supplying an extraordinary product, wonderful service and exceptional value to customers like myself and would highly recommend Showers & More to anyone contemplating a bathroom renovation. FIVE STARS!

Best regards,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Kristina in Winnipeg, Manitoba

We are 100% satisfied with the Showers & More quality. Our new Glass Shower is outstanding!
The Showers & More Installer is a truly professional trades person.

Thanks again Robert!
London, Ontario

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